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Monday, 25 February 2013

The Therapy Zone

   It's been tried before, and now they've tried it again, it didn't work then, and it didn't work now. They gave me love, in the form of 4-15, both here in The Village and in New York with Lucy, and then took it away. In fact they went further, they murdered Lucy, at the precise same moment 4-15 threw herself into that hole, into oblivion. Can two people be in two places at the same time? Is one place a dream? If both places are a dream, then I'm in serious trouble!
    I've no idea what Two means by finding the Six within, but I do know that they come for you in the night, when you're asleep. I know it, and I want 313 to help me. But I'm not sure she can, because to do that she would have to betray Two, and I don't think 313's up to that. 313 loves me, she stopped the wedding by kissing me, and really spoilt Two's plan. Two thinks love and family life are the answer to everything. But what would Two know about family love, look how he treats his own family! 11-12 is already suspicious, and is quietly going against his father, I wonder how far 11-12 will go against him?

   "Go To Blazers!"
     Number Six's jacket seen in most episodes is the one with broken piping on the lapel. There is however a second blazer, similar to the first, except it has continuous piping around the lapel. This second blazer represents a continuity flaw within the whole series. It has been asked over the years whether or not this second jacket was an internal costume decision. This seems unlikely and was probably overlooked that the second jacket was not identical to the first.
Thus while the one with broken piping would be cleaned, by a lady in Portmadog, after a day of rolling about on the beach, the second one would come into play for less energetic scenes.
   Mind you, wouldn't No.6 have two blazers anyway, one on and one at the dry cleaners!

    The General - this is the second episode to feature Colin Gordon as No.2, although his other episode A B & C, was in fact filmed later. The credit's give Joshua Adam as the writer, this being the pen name of Lewis Griefer. For the first time in the series the metal corridors, which lie beneath The Village, appear, as do the American style military guards, who return in later episodes. Also re-used is the Council Chamber from Free For All. This was the basic interior set used to represent No.2's Operations Room, the Control Room and the Labour Exchange, plus the laboratory in A B & C. Education was a newsworthy issue in the mid-sixties, with student ‘sit-ins' being all the rage. However, the main thrust of the story was to give a warning about the danger of technology, when it is used for learning. If people are fed data which has not been arranged or edited, that will become fixed with the information and will have less freedom of thought, as their mental spectrum has been narrowed.

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