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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A Nightmare Village Or Utopian Shangri-la?

    And it all starts after the Prisoner has handed in his letter of resignation. His abduction followed by two men in black - Undertakers - who having rendered him unconscious, then carry a coffin into his home, and carry it out again with the Prisoner inside. A coffin which they place inside their hearse and calmly drive away.
    The Village where everyone appears to be happy, citizens who have everything they could wish for, save for their freedom, their individuality, and a name to be called by! The village - which gives the air of a seaside holiday resort, which hides something dark and dangerous, like the hospital where experiments are carried out on the patients therein. Leucotomies, the isolation of the aggressive frontal lobes are carried out on patients without a qualm.
   Free For All has the first No.2 who doesn't care what happens to No.6, or how she goes about getting what she wants, "Will you never learn..... this is only the beginning... We have many ways and means but we don't wish to damage you permanently...”
    “Dance of the Dead,” and as the title suggests, it's all about death. The dead body found by No.6 on the beach - the brain dead citizens - the termination order set against Roland Walter Dutton, but in his case death would be a happy release I should think! The death of No.34, the use of the dead, first by No.6 as he uses a corpse to send a message to the outside world, and then again by No.2, who sees a massage sent to confirm a known fact, that No.6 has died in an accident at sea. And of course No.6 is sentenced to death at his trial, simply for the possession of a radio! But originally, the script for ‘Dance of the Dead’ called for everyone at the dance to die, save for No.6 who then could be likened to be death itself!
   And even at the Carnival, despite the order of music, dancing and happiness by order, just look at the faces of the citizens. Yes there is music, but little sign of happiness on the faces of those citizens at the Carnival! The Carnival is all fake, manufactured, and the citizens forced simply to go through the motions.
    Dance of the Dead = Death, the dead body which No.6 found on the beach that morning, and putting the dead to good use - The carnival Dance itself, The Dance of the Dead - The fact that the original script called for everyone at the Ball to die, save for No.6, making 6=death, to make nothing of the supposedly brain-dead villagers! And that teleprinter, supposedly dead after having it wiring ripped out by No.6, which soon after suddenly bursts back into life as though resurrected!
  And yet, there are a large number of Village citizens who enjoy the Village facilities. Who can be seen lounging about sunbathing, eating ice cream, joining in with any number of different activities, and generally enjoying themselves, which citizens are these, the prisoners or the warders? Perhaps those who have joined the enemy against themselves, having resisted for so short a time, in having given, or had the information extracted from their heads!

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