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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Thought For The Day

  Last night my wife and I sat watching this final episode of 'the Prisoner, or it is the first, oh no lets not go there again!
    I think for the first time, the very first time in all the times I have watched 'the Prisoner,' I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. What's more Morag agreed with me, and she has never really liked 'Fall Out.!'
    As I sat watching the episode I thought to myself I'm really enjoying this, and that came as something as a surprise to me I can tell you. So I wonder why that was? I know that I should not question it, but simply accept it. Because it was such a strange feeling, that I cannot fully explain it I suppose, it was so unexpected for both of us to feel the same way and express it at the same moment.
   But it's alright for you people who are new to 'the Prisoner today. If you want to watch 'the Prisoner' series again you can do so simply by putting the video cassette or DVD disc back into the machine, either that or watch it on-line. But for me and many people of my age who watched 'the Prisoner' 45 years ago, there it was gone, gone with the end of 'Fall Out.' What's more it would be another 9 years before I would be able to watch 'the Prisoner' again. All I was left with was the theme music in my head, and anything I could remember about the series.

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