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Thursday, 21 February 2013


   I seem to know this chap's face from somewhere, I wonder what he's doing here pretending to be me?
      What's he doing now? Oh he's put on the cream blazer in order to play the other "me" as well, and you think I'm confused! But if Frank thinks he's getting twice the royalties, he's got another think coming, he'll be lucky if he gets a credit! Mind you in 'The Schizoid Man, Frank was as often as much Number 6 and Number 12 as I was!
      So this is Frank Maher, once described as gentleman of violence. Frank's his name and danger is his trade. Danger Man you could call him I suppose, if that wasn't me of course! And here's Frank leaving quite literally through the door!
       So I quit being 'Danger Man' John Drake, and was subsequently abducted to the Vllage. And then what do I find, this Frank bloke's followed me, and dogs me at every turn, even pretending to be me! Do you know, I can't run along a beach, or down a footpath in the woods without Frank doing it as well. He copied me as much as he could, often in the fight scenes, especially when I was fighting myself in 'The Schizoid Man,' that was Frank. There was a scene in 'Hammer Into Anvil' in which I had to carry a cuckoo clock across the square, across the road, and up the step to the Green Dome. But oh no! There was Frank to carry the cuckoo clock across the road for me, he said it was far too dangerous, as I might get run over by a speeding Mini-Moke! He even helped me post the message about it being No.6's birthday. From the front shot it was me, but from the back it's Frank! I tell you what - the next time you sit down and watch this series of ‘the Prisoner,’ see how many times you can spot Frank Maher, pretending to be me!

   Footnote: Some might say I'm destroying people's illisuions about 'the Prisoner.' But Frank Maher was Patrick McGoohan's stunt double, and appeared many times as Number 6. And I'm sorry that Frank never gained better recognition for this.

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