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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Quote For The Day

    "Alright darling you win. I've just realised something. I don't want to kill you anymore. You are the best. If I kill you, what will be left for me? Life would be a bore. why don't you join us, my father and me? We could have a wonderful life together. You woud be a constant challenge to me."
          {The girl - The Girl Who was Death}

    Yes, that would be lovely living with the girl who was death, perhaps married to her. And from the moment he woke, perhaps even before breakfast, in the bathroom while he was shaving........Mr X would have to fend the girl off every day in order to ensure his survival. He would never know when an attack on his person, his very life would happen. Mister X would have to be constantly on his guard against the girl! The girl might leap out at him, catching him unawares, from out of the wardrobe, having lain in wait for him to get dressed! Or perhaps during a dinner party the girl might lace Mr's X's wine! She may lay any number of different traps for Mr X to fall into and break his neck! Such would be the girls constant challenge in thinking up different ways to try and kill him. And Mr X who would always be surviving by his wits!

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