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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Split Personality!

   If we are to believe that No.6 and No.1 are the two different sides of the same persons personality, No.6's alter-ego being No.1, and vice versa. No.1 who No.6 launched in that rocket, to whatever fate might befall him, could No.6 actually survive without that darker side of his nature? What I mean is, look what happened to James T. Kirk that time when there was a cock-up with the Enterprise's transporter - in splitting the two sides of Kirk's nature. His "good self" who found it difficult to survive without his "darker side" in the episode 'The Enemy Within.'
    Of course when No.6 actually gets to meet No.1 - his alter ego, this can only work in allegorical terms, because no-one can actually get to physically meet with his other self, his alter ego. So in actual terms, when No.6 went to meet No.1, he wasn't meeting himself, but someone else entirely - physically speaking No.1 could only be Curtis of 'The Schizoid Man!'

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