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Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Prisoner All At Sea!

   Crikey, is he still out there!
February 24th 1967
     Today is the fourth day No.6 has been at sea, seen here shaving, well that won't last much longer! Mind you our friend here is most resilient and his ingenuity knows no bounds, as he constructs a home-made compass. It must be extremely difficult knowing where you are sailing to, because he doesn't know where he is sailing from! But I expect having been confined for several months in the Village, that almost any place is better then being back there!
   I wonder how our friend here is feeling? Tired, well he wouldn't get much sleep perched on that thing would he, four hours if he's lucky! Cold, wet well he has no waterproof or warm clothing! And in need of a hot drink and meal, and possibly beginning to feel the strain of loneliness. If I were No.6, I'd have a safety line rigged, the raft to one end, and he to the other. Well if there should be a sudden heavy sea develop and a high wind, well No.6 looks to be in a very vulnerable place right now. Once he's into the Atlantic, possibly with tides and currents, No.6 might find his raft drifting into the Bay of Biscay, and in there waves get up to 65 feet!

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