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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Tally Ho

   Above is one of the issues of The Tally Ho seen in 'A Change of Mind.' I have long seen that both The Tally Ho newspapers of 'Free For All,' and 'Hammer into Anvil' on the whole has it's text made up from newspaper and magazine articles. these articles were cut up to make small paragraphs, and then stuck down in a higgeldy-piggledy manner so that it makes no sense at all. What amazes me it, that it's impossible to read any of the small text of The Tally Ho seen on the television screen, so it was an awful lot of hard work for someone in the properties department to be put to.
   Below is something I was sent some time ago, it contains some of the small text of the Tally Ho above. It gives an example of what I mean.
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