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Friday, 15 February 2013

The Therapy Zone

It Was A Shock!
     Well it must have been, for No.2 to find out that he was C!
   No.6 really did play No.2 for a fool. But then that's what you get when you become over confident. He underestimated No.6, and at the end I think the doctor-No.14 was mildly pleased by the result. After all No.2 had been placed under pressure by No.1, and No.2 transferred that pressure to No.14. We all do that, we kick down when the pressure is on.
  Originally when I saw this episode, I thought we would never see this particular No.2 again. However No.1 must have seen that the failure of ‘A B & C’ was not all his, and so was brought back for a second chance in ‘The General.’ As for the doctor-No.14, she was not so lucky, we never see here again. Perhaps she was confined to  hospital work only, or worse. Because the next time we encounter No.14, he's the chess champion in the episode ‘Checkmate!”

   There’s a saying in the Village.
"A still tongue make a happy life" especially those married to a 'fish wife!'
Think about it.

Why 6?
   Well, a rather prosaic explanation was once offered several years ago now, namely because Patrick McGoohan liked that particular brand of cigarettes - No.6. Rubbish! Patrick McGoohan only smoked one brand of cigarette - Senior Service.

“It Particular Who It Lets In.....This Is The Town Hall!
    It has been heavily debated between fans of ‘the Prisoner’ regarding the two episodes ‘Free For All’ and ‘Dance of the Dead,’ not in which position they should appear in the screening order, but which came first?
   In ‘Free For All’ No.6, as a candidate for the forthcoming election, has been invited to attend the dissolution of the out-going Town Council by No.2. No.6 asks his driver, No.58 to take him to the Town Hall. But unable to make No.58 understand, No.6 walks, walks to the electronic "Free Information" board in order to find the location of the Town Hall, as he doesn't know where it is!
    In ‘Dance of the Dead’ No.6 follows his observer No.240 to a large foreboding building which No.240 enters, and as No.6 follows he is stopped dead in his tracks by an unseen electrical force field. A gardener working nearby tells No.6 "You tried to go in, by mistake? This is the Town Hall, it’s fussy who it lets in!" And on the face of it, it might seem that the gardener is telling No.6 that the building is the Town hall. And it this that has defined the problem for many fans of ‘the Prisoner,’ because it would appear that we have two episodes in which No.6 doesn't know where the Town Hall is, although No.6 had actually been in the Town Hall during ‘Free for All.’ So naturally Free For All must surely appear before ‘Dance of the Dead’ in the screening order. Ah, but in ‘Dance of the Dead’ No.6 didn't know that it was the Town Hall, because it took the gardener to tell him, or did he? The gardener probably had no idea that No.6 had actually been in the Town Hall before. So it was not that No.6 didn't know it was the Town Hall which took him by surprise, it was the electrical force field he encountered on the steps of the Town hall he didn’t know about!

Playing The Role
    It was once written that it could never be imagined that anyone other than Patrick McGoohan could play the role of Number 6. Well some of have got used to the new Six in a new Village. What’s more Patrick McGoohan was not the first person to play Number 6 various characters who go by the name or Number 6 can be traced all the way back to 1927.

Be seeing you Number Six - whoever you are, wherever you are.

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