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Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Therapy Zone

     The Colonel who is gratified at being seconded to the village. What's more he mentions No.1 at the end. So certainly the Colonel is working for the village, although he doesn't look very happy to actually be there. The Colonel was once in the Guards, he wears the Guards tie as Sir Charles still wears his old Estonian tie!
   No.2, who probably suffered the second most disastrous result since No.2 witnessed the self-destruction of the General, together with the deaths of both the Professor and No.12 of administration! Only with this No.2 the Colonel died, and Doctor Jacob Seltzman actually escaped the village. As far as we know Doctor Seltzamn was the first ever to escape the village, before or since!
   Janet Portland fiancée to the Prisoner-No.6, who had no idea if he was alive or dead. Sent on a mission by her father Sir Charles Portland or not! Mind you she never once used his name, not even in his presence at her birthday party, which she took very well all things considered, her fiancé in another man's body!

   Apparently No.2 can never remember "One lump or two?" "It's in the file" No.6 suggests.  "Yes, as a matter of fact yes. But it would take time......." "Why? Are you running out of time?" No.6 asks. No.2 just wanted No.6 to give something away, but being thwarted in his frustration he checks No.6's file "Does not take sugar - frightened of putting on weight No.6?" "No, nor of being reduced!" he quips.
   But in the episode of ‘Free For All’ during an interview with the Manager of the Labour Exchange we learn that No.6 gave up sugar four years and three months, before his abduction to the village, on medical advice. So I wonder if the Prisoner-No.6 is actually a diabetic? We never see No.6 injecting himself with insulin, so if he is diabetic, it would have to be Type 2 and not Type 1 - Type 2 is where the subject is overweight, No.6 doesn't look to be over weight, but you can never tell I suppose, having to watch they eat, and be put on a diet, with no sugar!

   ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ and No.6 is escaping the village along with No.8-Nadia, sealed in a crate together. First by sea to Gdansk, then by air to Copenhagen, and by air again to London, a journey which will take 12 hours. And indeed we see that there is road travel by lorry, then the crate is loaded aboard a ship, and later the crate is put on as freight on an aircraft. But of course these scenes are simply for the television viewer, and does not actually take place. What precisely happens can only be open to interpretation, yet this is how my friend interpreted what actually happens to that crate with Nadia and No.6 sealed inside.
   Its easy to imagine this crate with two people inside, set on a rig which can imitate the motion of a ship, and aircraft, the crate lifted up and swung about as though being loaded and off loaded. With sound equipment to give audio sound effects  which would actually be heard by the two people inside the crate during the supposed journey. In fact none of the journey actually takes place, well apart from having the crate wheeled on a trolley into the Colonel's office, but even that bit is faked!

   I have often wondered which was the worst defeat for No.2 to have to face, for him to have to answer for. Take that episode of ‘The General,’ the General destroyed by a question put to it by No.6, which would be bad enough, But then there are two deaths, that of the Professor, and the administrative figure of no.12 who tried to save the life of the Professor, who both are electrocuted to death by the General!
   Then we come to Living In Harmony in which No.8 strangles No.22 to death with his bare hands, and then commits suicide by throwing himself off the balcony in the Silver Dollar Saloon. But really there is no evidence to prove that No.22 was actually strangled to death, because as No.6 knelt at her side No.22 was able to speak, she said "I wish it had been real," so No.22 was alive when No.6 arrived on the scene. Had No.22 been strangled by No.8 she would have been unable to speak. I mean No.22 was either strangled to death, or she wasn't, there is no two ways about it.
    So with the actual doubt of the murder of No.22 at the hands of No.8, I should say that The General, with the loss of the General, together with the two deaths of the Professor and administrator No.12 is the worst defeat for No.2, a defeat he would ultimately have to pay for.

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