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Friday, 22 February 2013

Thought For The Day

     Well you have woken up in the comfort of your own bed. You have enjoyed a breakfast, and now you are about to go off to work, or staying at home looking after the children then going out shopping, well whatever you are doing today, while you are doing it spare a thought for No.6. He didn't wake up in bed, he woke up {after perhaps 4 hours sleep} aboard his raft, all alone in the middle of an ocean! He might have had a shave, using cold water. Breakfasted on cold baked beans and corned beef out of tins, went to the toilet in a bucket, or over the side. He is faced with a second day at sea, fighting the elements, the cold, and the loneliness. He is already wet, tired, and cold, and this is only day two of his voyage of discovery!
    Oh and while No.6 was sleeping for 4 hours, what kept his raft on the north easterly course? He has no self steering gear, no drift anchor to keep the raft on course. During those 4 hours No.6 was asleep that raft would have drifted miles and miles off course, carried along by the tide and currents.

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