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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Ultimate Power And Inauguration

   We are all aware that much of what happens within ‘the Prisoner is open to interpretation and speculation, and in certain situations or with a number of different scenarios we can never know what might have happened. Imagine for instance, had No.6 accepted the offer of ultimate power, and had been inaugurated as No.1, what would then have happened to No.1 in the rocket? In all probability Nothing, not if No.6 and No.1 are one and the same person, the alter ego and the ID of the same person. Work in the Village would simply have gone on as before, with the same No.1 in charge. For it to be a new No.1, that would mean that the offer of ultimate power would have had to have been made to another person altogether, and it would have been through the inauguration of that other person that would have deposed the incumbent No.1 we see in 'Fall Out.'
   As for No.1 and No.6 to be able to leave the Village, might not both of them have to be defeated at one and the same time, seeing as one is the alter ego of the other?   
    Through his defeat of No.1, No.6 was able to escape the Village, but might not that have been the same for No.1? Through his encounter with No.6, this might have been the only way No.1 could leave the Village.
    It is highly probable that had No.6 accepted the offer of ultimate power, and through his inauguration No.6 might very well have exchanged places with No.1 {his alter ego} and in having changed places, that would mean that it would be No.1 who would have returned to London, meaning that status quo would be maintained.

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