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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

What Are They Doing To Number 6?

    No.6 "Look gentlemen, I'm sure all this is not necessary to pull a wisdom tooth. Look, this is ridiculous, and really doesn't hurt anymore."
    Doctor "Oh don't worry Number Six, this won't take a few minutes, and then you won't feel anything any more, I promise you."
    "Look what's that camera doing in my face? Ouch, what are you screwing into my arms, that bloody damn well hurts!"
   "It was meant to Number Six!"
   "Look, what are you going to do with me?"
   "You are about to have a change of mind."
   "I wish you would!"
   “Would want?”
   “Have a change of mind about this!”
   "Tell me Number Six, what would be worse than a frontal lobotomy?"
   "I don't know, what would be worse than a frontal lobotomy?"
   "A change of mind! We are ready doctor."

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