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Sunday 2 June 2019

Bureau of Visual Records

    In ‘The General’ Number 2 enters the Control Room and gives the order “Section Thirty-two sound and vision.” The Supervisor-No.28 gives the order “Put up section thirty-two sound and vision” via the intercom in his hand. After watching the scene in the General’s office No.2 wants to see the seminar taking place in Madam Professor’s garden. The Supervisor then gives the order “Put up section thirty-nine sound and vision.” Who did the Supervisor give those orders to? No-one in the Control Room that’s for sure otherwise there would have been no need for the Supervisor to use the intercom. This indicates the possibility of a secondary Control Room somewhere, or at the very least a room where someone is controlling the images projected onto the wall screen via the surveillance cameras. However by the time of
‘Dance of The Dead’ a control consol has been installed, or at least moved, into the Control Room operated by No.240 as she keeps a sharp watch on No.6. It is via this control consol that the Observer-240 operates the cameras and changing the views on the wall screen.

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