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Friday 14 June 2019

You’re Making A Mistake!

    “You’re making a mistake!”
    Yes they all say that!
    I should not be here!
    Yes they all say that as well.
    If I knew where here is!
    You’re in the Village.
    Yes the Village. You want information.
    Yes information.
    Well you want to ask him!
    Him the one in the mirror.
    Who is he Number Five?
    Oh you can’t miss him. He knows it should be him here, and not me. I see him every time I look into the mirror, I shout at him and he shouts back, but I do not hear a word he says. He smiles kindly at me, and yet I detect a smirk when he turns his back upon me.
    Well just relax.
    Why am I strapped to this table, what are you going to do?
    Trust me, I’m a doctor.
    Doctor, no, no what’s in that syringe?
    Just a relaxant.
    No, you’re making a mistake.
    I’m Number Five.
    Yes that’s right.
    Five that’s me!
    Do you remember the Village?
   The Village……no, I don’t know why I was brought here, I want to leave!
    But you have only just come back to the Village.
    You were sent out from the Village to gather information. Now you’ve been brought back to have that information extracted. But we made a fundamental mistake.
    We wiped your mind of all unpleasant memories of the Village, so it is understandable that you reacted the way you did. But we shall not be making that mistake a again.
    Wh….what are you doing… can’t….no….no…..not that!
    Feel free to scream………there is no shame. Soon it will all be over, and you’ll have told us all we want to know.

Be seeing you

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