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Sunday 2 June 2019

Observers of Life…….

    No.240 is one of their best observers according to No.2, in fact she’s No.6’s personal observer, at least during this episode. However there are a couple of questions. Why is No.240 gallivanting about the village with No.2, when she’s supposed to be doing her job as an Observer in the Control Room? And why were No.2 and 240 skulking about beneath the Lookout in the first place? They could have been on a tour of the village’s outer perimeter along the cliffs I suppose, but they are so casual in their manner together, this when No.2 is always so business-like. The truth of the matter is No.240 appears to act more as No.2’s assistant than that of an Observer. You will recall how 240 reported direct to No.2 the fact that she couldn’t find No.6, having looked everywhere. But that was no way to report, as the Supervisor was quick to point out.
    There is really no logical reason why No.240 should be in the company of No.2. Had No.240 been at her post in the Control Room she would have observed No.6 on the Lookout listening to the radio, then she would have reported the observation to No.2 who would in turn act on that information. Perhaps she did, perhaps they did, although they didn’t seem to be in any hurry. It might be that they were enjoying each other company {after all in real life actress Norma West enjoyed a deep friendship with the late Mary Morris, and she with her} a friendship I believe is reflected in ‘Dance of the Dead,’ and so came upon No.6 by accident.

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