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Sunday 30 June 2019

Thought For The Day

    Number 6 came across Number 86 in the woods high on drugs. One might almost be forgiven for thinking the woman had dropped out, and was caught picking flowers in the woods! She told Number 6 that she was higher than Number 2, well that would be the drugs talking I expect. However her drugged state of mind made her susceptible to Number 6’s attempt to hypnotize her, I mean doesn’t Number 6 just make you annoyed? He annoys me, because it seems he can just about turn his hand to almost anything, amongst his many other accomplishments the man’s a damned hypnotist now! I blame the scriptwriters, there being far too many of them. Had there been but a couple writing the scripts for ‘the Prisoner’ then Number 6’s abilities could be toned down, and he’d have been unable to get away with so much. Why? Because it would have made the man more human, open more to failure than success. Altogether the scriptwriters made Number 6 too good to be true.

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  1. Had the same thoughts myself over the years. If only he'd given the Candy girls a go, clenched Nadia Gray or at least given Jane Merrow a third chance.
    Good blog btw.

    1. Hello Sonata,
      Pat McGoohan gave the Candy Sisters, who were at a nearby Butlins Holiday camp, the star treatment. By that he had the girls picked up by car and driven from Butlins in Phwllhli to Portmeirion.
      No doubt you will have observed the only woman in the Prisoner No.6 gets close to is 'B' played by Annette Carrell.
      I'm happy you are enjoying my blog by the way.