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Tuesday 4 June 2019


     A man wakes up in the desert. He has no idea where he is, why he is there, or how he came to be there. He walks for mile after mile, after mile in the scorching heat. Out of the darkness he sees the lights of a town and rushes towards it. This is the village, and he is 6. Eventually 6 is brought before 2.
     6 claims that something is wrong, he wants to get back to New York. But he can’t, there is no New York, there is only the village! And this is what THEPRIS6NER does, it plays with the mind and makes one question one’s surroundings, questioning reality. Are we in fact where we think we are?
    11-12 unlike 6 was born, or rather created in the village, and for him the village is a far worse place than it is for 6. For 11-12 the village is not enough, even though his mother M2 tells him that village is best for them. He questions the village, and wants to leave, to go to the other place. But as his mother explains he cannot, because only people brought to the village can go to the other place. Because if 11-12 should leave the village he would cease to exist!
    Broken people, people with mental problems are brought to the village to be made better, 11-12 has problems of his own, he has no memories of his childhood, he questions everything, the village, of his very existence even. He murdered his lover 909 by stabbing him in his neck. And finally he sees that his mother is the cause if his trouble. She tells 11-12 that he is her son, but she didn’t physically give birth to him, she created him in her subconscious. The boy never grew up because he has always been the age that he is. In order to solve his problem 11-12 commits matricide by suffocating his mother to death with a cushion. Who now will make him better? No-one, and in despair his final act is one of suicide. The only way out of the village for anyone!

Breathe in….breathe out….more village, more PRIS6NER

Be seeing you……in any village

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