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Saturday 8 June 2019

Caught On Camera!

    As we know if there is one thing which lets ‘the Prisoner’ down on several occasions its continuity. Well how’s this for a remarkable piece of continuity. This first image is taken from ‘The General’. 
However it is actually from a piece of out-take from a scene in ‘Arrival’ when two guardians are despatched to pick up the escaping Prisoner. This short out-take was used in ‘The General’ just after No.6 has buried the Professor’s tape recorder in the sand dunes, and before two school prefects {guardians} arrive on the scene in a Mini-Moke as pictured below. 

    In order to give a more clarity of picture, below are the two guardians in the Mini-Moke racing to catch the escaping Prisoner in ‘Arrival.’

   It is a remarkable piece of continuity, the idea that time has been taken to dress the two guardians in ‘The General’ identically to the two Guardians in the piece of film {originally intended for ‘Arrival’} but later used in ‘The General.’ Well perhaps not quite, there is one difference, the guardian driving the Moke in the ‘Arrival’ footage is wearing light blue trousers, and the fellow driving the Moke in close-up in ‘The General’ is wearing grey trousers. But other than that continuity got it spot on, for a change.

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