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Wednesday 12 June 2019

Thought For The Day

     It has been many a year since I was last in The Village, and yet I’m there every day in my mind. I imagine the citizens going about their daily lives, the buildings, roads, streets, cobbled paths, and the woods, the beach when the tide’s out. I see it all with my third eye, what people are doing, the ordeals Number 6 is put through on an almost daily basis. Only it’s not on a daily basis is it? There has to be some kind of respite, even if only to allow Number 6 to recover from the bruising he took towards the end of ‘Free For All’ for example. And he had to be allowed time to recover from worse ordeals than that. And at time a respite might be incurred due to the waiting time it took for a new Number 2 to arrive in The Village. Although there was one occasion when a new Number 2 took up his term in office, whilst his predecessor was still on the job so to speak.
    Later this year I intend to watch a screening of the Prisoner but to the screening order found in my book ‘The Prisoner Dusted Down.’ I worked out that screening order a good few years ago now, and I have never watched the Prisoner in that order. It will be interesting to see how it works out, it will have no affect on Number 6 of course, it will still work out the same for him, but in a slightly different order of events. I sometimes wish it were possible to change the penultimate episode, instead of ‘Once Upon A Time,’ I would replace it with ‘The Girl Who Was Death.’ After all ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ does give the impression that it’s the last throw of the dice against Number 6, or scraping the bottom of the barrel might be a better phrase. A frustrated Number 2 who thought Number 6 might give something away, well I suppose it was worth a try. And after that, what would have been left, but a confrontation with Number 1. How that might be brought about, well that’s open to speculation.

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