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Monday 10 June 2019


    The Professor in managing to get out of his house, and out of the clutches of his ever attentive doctor, and makes his way on to the beach. I think he had a rendezvous to keep with No.12. But before he could keep it, he only had time to hide his tape recorder in the sand dunes before the pursuing citizens caught up with him.
    It was No.6 who eventually stumbled across the buried tape recorder, and began to listen to the Professor’s urgent message, but was disturbed by the approach of two guardians and had to re-bury the tape recorder. No.12 must have been lurking in the bushes and saw No.6 bury the tape recorder, because later in the evening he returned to the beach and dug it up! So was it originally No.12 the Professor was trying to get his tape recorder to? The question is, would No.12 have had the ability to carry out the actions No.6 did in order to destroy the General and thereby putting a stop to Speed Learn? He was able to have the Professor’s message micro reduced, and he might have been able to have it transmitted under the very nose of No.2. But what of the General? No.6 is a clever man to have come up with the question that is supposedly insoluble for both man and machine, but would No.12 have been clever enough to have come up with something like that? Unlikely, and besides No.6 was only brought before the General because he was caught about to transmit the Professor’s message!
   No, it would be more likely that had No.12 been able to transmit the Professors message “ladies and gentlemen, fellow villagers, students this is the Professor speaking I have an urgent message for you. You are being tricked Speed Learn is an abomination, it is slavery. If you wish to be free there is only one way, destroy the General. Learn this and learn it well, the General must be destroyed,” the villagers with that message on the cortex of their brains would have been sent rampaging through the village looking for the General and smashing it to smithereens. Mind you if the General of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ was still about, I wouldn’t give much for his chances, if the villagers were to make a mistake and destroy him instead! But would the ordinary villagers know where to find the General {the computer} I wouldn’t have thought so, or even know what it was. But then they would have had No.12 to guide them, storming into and through the corridors of the Town Hall, as an angry revolutionary mob storming the Bastille, brushing everyone aside in their path until they reached the General’s office where they would smash the machine like so many angry Luddites! But at least this way Madam Professor would not have ended up as a widow, or would she? Because at the end of the episode when the computer is blowing a short circuit, even though the Professor wanted the General destroyed, he still did his best to save it. And probably would have done, as an angry mob stormed into the office. The Professor might still be there trying to stop them from destroying the thing he loved with a passion even though he probably hated it even more.

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