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Tuesday 18 June 2019

Quote For The Day

    “I think we have a challenge.”
                            {No.2 – Arrival}
    That’s all very well but will any Number 2 be up to the challenge? After all the Number 2 who said that at the time was coming to the end of his term in office. In fact he had already been replaced by the time he was in the manager’s office of Labour Exchange. Mind you his successor seemed to have the right mettle, if Number 6 doesn’t give them what they want they take it! And yet his hands were tied, no extreme measures to be used yet! How can any Number 2 operate under such restrictions? And those who do not, simply fail. Generally Number 2 isn’t up to the challenge, either that or Number 6 finds himself in lucks way more often than not. “I think we have a challenge.” It was alright for that particular Number 2, he was on his way out having dealt with Chambers then late of the Foreign Office. I should think he proved to be an altogether different kettle of fish to Number 6. I suppose that’s why Number 2 said what he did, in that Chambers didn’t prove much of a challenge at all!

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