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Friday 28 June 2019


    The Mk II Rover we know is made of membrane, and it may be presupposed that it has a form of intelligence. It might be suggested that such an intelligence is artificially induced in the creature, if indeed the membrane was scientifically created by chemists and biologists. The MK I however was a mechanical Rover consisting of metal, fibreglass, rubber, wires and electrical circuits. Supposedly to have been able to go on the sea as a hovercraft, in the sea as in submarine, able to go up steps and climb walls. It is however unlikely to have any kind of intelligence, artificial or otherwise. Being mechanical most likely the MK I was nothing more than a droid. Operated remotely by an operator in the Control Room, as in the way the helicopter in ‘Arrival’ was flown remotely from the Control Room, the jet boat brought back to shore in ‘Free for All,’ as well as M. S. Polotska in ‘Checkmate.’ I’m not surprised it failed its first test. Noisy, cumbersome, unable to scale walls, go on the sea, and was as bad as a Dalek for not being able to climb steps!

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  1. Hi forgot The Schizoid Man with Rover's appearance twice in that episode. Hope is well my friend! BCNU!!

    1. Hallo Pat,
      I'm fine thank you for asking, and I trust the same can be said of you my friend.
      Well spotted, but actually I had not forgotten about Rover's appearance in 'The Schizoid Man.' But there was no need to mention it because because I was concentrating on mechanical remote control.