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Monday 10 June 2019

No.6 And The Town Hall!

    “That’s Number Six.”
    “What about him?”
    “He’s going into the Town Hall, perhaps he works there.”
    “He hasn’t done a days work since the day he arrived here.”
    “That’s a bit unkind!”
    “He sponges off the welfare of The Village and gives nothing back. What’s more he’s a troublemaker!”
    “You’re in a bad mood this morning!”
    “Going to visit your mother in the Old Folk’s Home does that to me!”
    “Well she can’t live forever.”
    “She’s having a damned good try!”
    “I’m getting ready for my tea break. I’ll just finish trimming these old plants, then I’m off to the café.”

    “Up the steps, through the gates, across the street, and into the Town Hall.”
    “You alright mate?”
    “I wasn’t expecting that!”
    “You tried to go in, by mistake. Its fussy about who it lets in, this is the Town Hall.”
    “Yes I do know, I just wasn’t expecting…..”
    “The Spanish inquisition?”
    “That’s right, no one expects the Spanish inquisition.”
    “No, not them. It’s the electric force field I wasn’t expecting!”
    “You look rather flushed.”
    “I tingle all over…… I resigned because I became fed up with the repetitive scripts for
Danger Man. It had seen its day, and had become state and stagnant. Something new and beautiful had to be created, The Village. Then take a brave man who had resigned his job from British Military Intelligence, and put him in that Village.”
    “That electric shock seems to have done you a bit of good. I wonder if Number Two heard what you just said?”

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