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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Alf and Pete!

    Peter "Is this where we get our revenge?"
    Alf "We just had that back in the cave!"
    "Oh yes. How do you feel now paddy boy?!"
    "Don't antagonise him too much."
    "Well what do we do now that we've got him?"
    "Whatever we do, we don't let go!"
    "I think we were a bit over the top in getting our revenge."
    "We didn't hurt him that much. And he did dunk us both in the water that time."
    "He dunked you twice!"
    "Yes well he caught me off guard, I wasn't ready the first time."
    "If you hadn't messed the first take up, you wouldn't have to have been dunked a second time, and thereby ruin the continuity of that scene!"   
    "That wasn't my fault. There wasn't time to dry me off, and get me a dry pair of overalls!"
    Pat "You pair of dunderheards!"
    Peter "What's the matter now?"
    "You've messed the scene up again!"
    Alf "how do you make that out?"
    "You've forgotten to take my blazer off!"
    "In the cave you took my blazer off after the fight scene, before dragging me in here!"
    "Continuity isn't down to us, we're stuntmen. Continuity is down to Doris Martin. "
    "Doris, I'm wearing a blazer, when I shouldn't be!"
    Doris "Yes, but at least we got the right blazer this time!"

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