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Saturday, 23 March 2013

The People’s Choice by our own reporter

    No.6 was, as No.2 said "Just the sort of candidate we need." Certainly the people took to No.6 during that election, and those policies of his. That he will tighten up on village security, his foreign policy will see the village export to the four corners of the globe! Not so sure about finding out who the Prisoners and who are the warders though, a bit of self indolence there I think! And his promises, that the people can enjoy themselves, and you will! That they can supply every conceivable civilised amenity within our boundaries. No.6 promised that he could supply your desire, wanted to know where you wanted to go, what your dream is, as he could supply it, in winter, spring, summer or fall they can all be yours. He also shows how easy it is to progress with the community, that the price is cheap. All you have to do in exchange is give us information {isn't this the deal originally proposed by No.2 on the day of the Prisoner's arrival in the Village?} But if you apply to No.6 it will be easier and better, presumably a less painless procedure!
   Then again No.6 is once again "the people's choice after he has undergone the process known as Instant social Conversion, a leucotomy having been carried out on him. Well of course it wasn't, but the people weren't to know that! Which only goes to show just how fickle the people are here. One moment they have turned their back on No.6 for being an unmutual. The next, because they think he's been "tamed" he's the flavour of the month once more!
   It has always puzzled me why a picture of the Prisoner wearing non Village attire was selected for The Tally Ho, and not a picture of No.6 in Village attire such as this. Also seeing as No.113's interview with the candidate was nothing more than, well it wasn;t anything really, seeing as how the article about the prospective candidate No.6 had already been written. So that makes me wonder if there was actually any film in No.113b's camera, while he was taking all thiose pictures of No.6!
Your own reporter
Photograph from the Department of Visual Records

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