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Sunday 31 March 2013

I Have Taken His Place, I Am The New No.2

   To the question of "where did the old No.2's go when they were replaced Patrick McGoohan said. "I think they disappeared without a trace. They went to the bottom of the deck - as per some of the Chinese and Russian friends that disappear. They just left."
   Well one particular No.2 didn't leave, he ended up in the psychiatric ward of the hospital! Another, at the end of Free For All was allowed to leave, what happened after that we cannot say. But I cannot believe that they simply disappeared, there were too many No.2's for that. Surely with at least 19 No.2's, and that doesn't take into account the subdivided No.2's of the Town Council, or perhaps that's the answer in itself, being sent off into oblivion, questions would surely be asked. Especially when you think that soon after his return to London, No.2 once of the Chimes of Big Ben and Once Upon A Time, returned to the Houses of Parliament via the Lords entrance.
   I suppose it all amounts to my having spent the best part of the past thirty years studying the Prisoner series, where as Patrick McGoohan saw the Prisoner series as a job, and when that job was finished it was over for him. Well over for him  in as much as the media and fans alike, would allow it to be finished for McGoohan who hasn't thought as in-depth where the Prisoner is concerned as perhaps you and I have over the past years. And I suppose if time is spent thinking about it probably begs the question; "If McGoohan hasn't been too bothered, have I been wasting my time?"

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