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Friday, 15 March 2013

Strange Is It Not How No.1 Hides Behind his anonymity!

    You would think that almost everyone who works behind the scenes for the Village, such as the delegates of the Assembly, would know the identity of No.1. Perhaps they did, who is to say they did not. It would be stupid to think that No.1 remained isolated in that rocket from morning to noon. No.1 would have to eat, go to the toilet, unless of course he never takes his robe and masks off!
   ’D’ of ‘A B & C’ once said "It is often the case with really important people. Anonymity is the best disguise." And that’s certainly true with members of the Assembly, for we know the identity of only two of it’s delegates, No.93 and the Supervisor-No.28. But do the delegates of the assembly know who each of them are I wonder? For they are the petty breaurocrats, those faceless men who are supposed to govern us so wisely! It is they who pull the strings from behind the scenes. So if No.1 is pulling the strings of the village, exactly who is pulling the strings of No.1? The members of the Assembly no doubt, who so ever they may be!

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