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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A Favourite Scene in The Prisoner

      "Mopping up operations Number Six?"
    The scene where No.2 brings an operative with a metal detector to '6 Private' in order to make search for the Professor's tape recorder. There seems to be a rapport between No.6 and No.2. Well they have met previously in 'A B and C.' In fact I've only just noticed, but this No.2 appears not as other No.2's, he's a cross dresser!
   Most No.2's wear grey flannel trousers, deck shoes, a grey polo neck jersey, and a double or singe breated plain blazer. This No.2 dresses half and half, the grey polo neck jersey and double breasted blazer. But the blue deck shoes and same coloured trouses as won by the new No.2 in 'Arrival,' and No.6/new No.2 in 'Free For All.'

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