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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Danger Man - Drake’s Contact Man

   Potter, arranges for an Embassy car to take Drake to a record shop in Tokyo, where he is waiting to meet the M9 agent. It was arranged for them to meet in the record shop for security's sake, despite having sent an Embassy car to meet Drake at the airport! Potter also used Drake's own name, instead of Edwards, Drake's undercover name. But Potter only wants to help. All Potter can tell Drake is that Ako Nakamura died of a heart attack whilst making a radio transmission graded "priority one." Other than that Potter knows nothing, as Nakamura was part of Drake's department. But Potter has one thing which might convince Drake that Potter can be of some assistance to a "lone wolf" from London - an LP record - which Potter obtained not without some difficulty. The LP record contains a report from London.
   Potter was again Drake's contact man, or rather for reasons of security I should use the name Mr. X, in that episode with ‘The Girl Who Was Death’. Potter was also the back-up man for the Colonel, possibly because the Colonel was not usually a field man, as Drake was off on another assignment at the time, at Ice Station Zebra.
   Potter, fictionally speaking, was also seconded to the Village, having first been given the job of Labour Exchange manager who is the second person to try and debrief his old colleague, Drake who has been brought to the Village as a Prisoner. Then having been promoted, Potter is No.2's assistant in ‘The Chimes of Big Ben.’

   Potter seems to have done well for himself since his arrival in the Village. But as we see he is nothing but a another betrayer of his old colleague, and seems to take pleasure in suggesting to No.2 "That there are methods we haven't even tried yet."
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