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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Why The Crosspiece?

    1st man "We'll teach you to steal our boat Number Six!"
    2nd man "Yeah. You think you're tougher than us Number Six."
    "Well you're not. Is he?"
   "No. He took us both by surprise on the boat, didn't he?"
   "Yeah, but I liked it when he dunked you in the water, that was funny!"
   "How do you know? You were already in the water as I recall."
   "I saw you."
   "Yes, well that was down to Number Two, telling me not to do anything rash, to give him time. I was distracted for a moment."
    "Just a were wet before Number Six pulled you into the water! How did you manage that?"
    Peter "He made me do it twice!"
    Alf "Damned cheek! Who the hell do you think you are Number Six?"
    Patrick "I'm the damned the director! Now release me!"
    Peter "What? Not likely. Now we have you, how about that pay rise you said we could have!"

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