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Monday, 25 March 2013

The Therapy Zone

Information And Observations
    During the escape attempt in Checkmate, No.6 found himself with a sudden choice, either to go back to his confederates in the Green Dome, or to take to the sea upon the pair of rubber lilos abandoned by the Rook. No.6 chose the latter to take to the sea, in order to bring the ship inshore himself. I wonder how the end of Checkmate would have worked out if No.6 had chosen the former?
    A risky business this escaping lark. I mean after surviving that perilous sea voyage of ‘Many Happy Returns,’ he then hitches a ride in the back of a lorry. Then upon hearing a police siren he wakes up and leaps out of the back of that lorry into the road and London traffic in Park Lane. I mean to come all that way he could have been run over by a taxi, car, bus, or lorry! Not only could that have proven fatal for No.6, but someone would have to have paid for that. I wonder who - Mrs. Butterworth perhaps?
    The Prisoner politically correct? I don't think so, not with that Gollywog on full view in the children’s nursery!
    When it comes to "playing it according to Hoyle" with all cards on the table, Fred Hoyle doesn't come into it! Yes the Prisoner part work produced by De Agostini, with Robert Fairclough as a consultant on the matter of the Prisoner actually got the wrong Hoyle. Such is their misunderstanding the meaning of the situation at breakfast time in ‘Free For All,’ brought about by the lack of research they're misleading their readers!
   The episode ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ is as light and destracting, as Dance of the Dead’ is dark and dangerous!
   My favourite episodes of the Prisoner are those which contain that Italianate Village of Portmeirion. So you can probably guess which ones they are.

    You know I find it a very curious thing, that for a man like Patrick McGoohan, who has quite obviously got fed up with playing the role of ‘Danger Man,’ leaves his pet project of the Prisoner to go off and play a secret agent, who is more akin to that of John Drake than any, David Jones!
   And writing of spies. I have enjoyed many spy series on television and film The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Riley Ace of Spies. the Ipcress File, Funeral In Berlin, The Billion Dollar Brain. The Spy Who Came In From the Cold. Callan. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - that Smiley character played by Alec Guiness would have made a brilliant No.2 in the village. Smiley would have got the information out of No.6!
  Here is a brief list of spies who survived not being abducted to the village;

Harry Palmer
James Bond
Marta Hari
Riley Ace of Spies
George Blake
Peter and Helen Kroger
Guy Burgess
Antony Blunt
Pimpernal Smith
The spy in black!

    I like a good spy drama, but its a very dangerous game, and I have a very low pain threshold. Anyway tomorrow afternoon I'm off to the cinema to watch James Bond in Quantum of Solace. I like this new James Bond, he gets hurt and bleeds quite a bit. In fact this new James Bond puts me in mind of another agent, one who worked for M9 - John Drake!

    Peparing to leave, yes. But where was he intending to go? Somewhere abroad, as he was taking both his passport and other travel documents, such as a visa with him.
   Perhaps he was going somewhere warm and exotic, suggested by the pair of photographs he packed away in one of the pair of suitcases. Of sandy beaches and palm trees, suggesting a South Pacific Island.
   But one thing is for sure, the Prisoner knew that they would be coming for him, hence his haste to get away before they came for him. Yet even the Prisoner was not quick enough. Perhaps if he had paid more attention to that hearse which had been following him through London... the hearse which is now parked outside in Buckingham Place! But then who is expected to take notice of a hearse?
   Had the Prisoner managed to get away in time, it would only have been delaying things. They would have caught up with him sooner or later, no matter where he went, it would only have been a question of time. The Prisoner looking over his shoulder everyday, living on his nerves and by his wits. Having settled down in one place for a while, before having to move on again.
   And what could the Prisoner have done, because what money he did have would not have lasted too long. and then what would he have done, become a private detective perhaps, working out of some seedy office in a rundown building. Or working as a clerk maybe, for £8's a week! Life for the Prisoner, having resigned his job, and outside of the village, would have been hard for him.
   But it's all too late, for there he is now, the undertaker at the front door. He's entered the house now, walking along the hallway, and at the study door, to which a gas gun is put the keyhole, and nerve gas pumped into the study beyond the study door..... the rest you know.

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