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Thursday, 14 March 2013

60 Second Interview with Doctors 40 And 22

    No.113: “I understand that this is the first time you have been together like this.”
   No.40: “Yes I think it is.”
    No.22: “Well I'm pretty sure it is, although I'm very impressed with my colleagues work in gaining information, the results of his experiments is outstanding.”
    No.40: “You're too kind”
    No.113b “smile” {click goes the camera}
    No.22: “Oh please, think nothing of it.”
    No.40: “And I've read the records of your experiments, first with conditioned reflex’s, in treating humans like dogs! Then with human an "emotions Transponder".
    No.22: “Well it has been successful on Dolphins, so why not adapt it for humans.....
    No.113: “If I can just break up this mutual appreciation society for a moment. Don't you think that you're both different sides of the same coin. The male and female counterpart of the other?”
{No.22 and 40 turn and look at each other}
    No.40: “The boy's not right in the head!”
    No.22: “Purely delusional in my opinion.... I would recommend....”
You both like to experiment. You both have the drive and desire to get results. And you're both as cold and unfeeling towards your patients, you didn't work in the NAZI concentration camps of World War Two. Or more recent years at the British experimental centre of Porten Down?”
    No.40: “I resent that remark.”
    No.22: “Yes, and so do I. The very thought!”
   No.113b "Smile" {click goes the camera}
   It is at this point that the two doctors rise from their chairs and walk away together, their heads together in quiet consultative conversation. One can only feel sorry for their next victim, err I mean patient!

Reporter No.113
Photogapher No.113b

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