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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Collectors Corner

The Tally Ho~ Fanzines of Patrick McGoohan's The Prisoner TV Series
     SCARCE! 3- ISSUES OF THE TALLY HO  'THE PRISONER' FANZINE as published by The Villagers-The Prisoner Appreciation Society, Washington, D. C., Circa 1978
 Copies in Like-New condition with yellowing from age and original mailing stamps sent Third Class Mail. Very collectible and a must have set for the diehard Prisoner fan!

   I have heard of these magazines of course, but this the the first time I have seen copies, of what is one of the first magazines dedicated to 'the Prisoner.' Indeed it may be the first. However such 'Prisoner' magazines and newsletters from that time had a very short life span. But The Tally Ho enjoyed one of the longest.
These copies I found on ebay yesterday.

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  1. Arthur Butterworth20 March 2013 at 12:51

    These would, I'm sure, make for interesting reading. The internet may be a wondrous place but I miss old fashioned non-professional fanzines such as this. Back then, when we did not have access to desktop publishing or screen-capture technology, these mags were put together with a mixture of Letraset, and artwork lovingly drawn by fans. Great stuff :-)

    1. Hello Arthur,

      I have quite a collection of such 'Prisoner' based magazines and newsletters, and they are all very interesting to read, what's more it's material you can get your hands on. I agree, the Internet is a wonderful place for information about 'the Prisoner,' but sometimes the old ways are the best ways. What's more fans of 'the Prisoner' at the time, would only be too delighted to get their hands on such magazines and newsletters, as that was all which was produced. And between 1978 and 1980 a whole host of such magazines and newsletters appeared in America, sadly most only lasted one or two issues before they disappeared.

      Nice talking to you
      Kind regards
      Be seeing you