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Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Therapy Zone

Man Of Mystery
   John Maxim, pictured here ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ as No.22 a member of the Awards Committee, is also credited in the cast of Once Upon A Time as No.86, but who doesn't actually appear in the completed episode. Perhaps his scene was never filmed, or was cut, and ended up on the cutting room floor! But the mystery has always remained, and can never be answered, why is John Maxim still credited as No.86 when he doesn't appear in the episode?

 A B and C - it was a defeat for No.2, it was once written that this No.2 was utterly destroyed by No.6. Well certainly it was a defeat for No.2, although the fault was not entirely his. But totally destroyed, no, otherwise he would not have been given a second term of office in The General. So it would seem that this No.2 was "Fit for a further term" of office. But only became involved with No.6 indirectly!

The Annuls Of Prisoner Appreciation
   It was once written that no names are used in the village. That No.6 used the names of Cobb and Roland Walter Dutton because he once knew them, and at a push the same can be also said of Fotheringay. Well No.6 didn't know Nadia Rakovski or Alison did he? No, but he used their names because a relationship had been struck up between them. What about the Watchmakers daughter Monique, No.6 didn't use her name did he? Well it wasn't that kind of relationship was it! The only person to use Monique’s name was her father the watchmaker.

Its Inexplicable!
   Why the Village Guardian should take up office in No.2's chair in ‘Once Upon A Time,’ unless of course No.2 is still an inmate, as he once was!

Be seeing you


  1. It could well be one of McGoohan's 'in jokes'. 'John Maxim', well John is the first name of John Drake that many people assume is Number 6; the meaning of maxim is a brief expression of a general truth, could he be saying that people's assumptions are true? John Drake is there in person but not in name, John Maxim is there in name but not in person! Let's look at Maxim's non-existent character, Number 86, as he's not in the episode he is therefore not a number but a free man! But how is this connected to John Drake? McGoohan called the character Number 86 obviously knowing there were 86 episodes of Dangerman, giving the viewers yet another subtle hint in this non appearing character that number 6 is in truth John Drake and so this adds to my theory of his 'in joke' . Of course it could be complete tosh and it may be he decided against putting the actor in but didn't have time to remove his name. We'll never know...Be Seeing You! Andy Morrison

    1. Hello Andy,
      Nice to hear from you.
      Yes, I happen to be one of those people who are of the belief that Number 6 is John Drake. But never mind that. Your comment is a clever one, suggestive and well thought out. I enjoyed reading it, I hope my other readers did.
      I enjoyed your interpretation. McGoohan was one for in-jokes as we know, although he didn't appreciate others doing like-wise. Whether you are right or wrong we will never know. But it is very clever thinking none-the-less.

      Very kind regards