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Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Therapy Zone

Supervisors Report
    I've just been sacked! There I was in the Control Room doing my job as a radio D.J for Village Radio, when No.2 together with his assistant No.14, come bursting wanting to know what's going on.
    No.2 looks at me and asks me about that personal message for No.6. "What about it?" I asked because I'd no idea what he was going on about. Well I ask you, how was I supposed to know it wasn't No.6's birthday! And the fact that No.113 doesn't exist, well the man's obviously off his head!
   I swore that I'm innocent, but he didn't believe me, he finished me. And I was led out of the Control Room by that No.14!

    There are two kinds of citizens, those who are brought to the village from the outside world, and those who are born of the village. In other words those who have known nothing but the village, having been born here.
   So what of those who have been brought to the village? They have knowledge of the outside world, and surely they must speak of that outside world. Did not No.6 ask Roland Walter Dutton how London is? And that's fine between two old friends such as they. And its fine between those like the new No.2 and Cobb who was leaving the village at the end of Arrival. It would also be okay for the likes of Nadia, the Colonel, Fotheringay and No.2 during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ perhaps to speak together of the outside world.
   But what if someone who was born of the village, who knew nothing of the outside world met with say a new arrival who spoke of the outside world, of the fads and trends. The political position of governments and countries alike. Of swinging London, the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and other pop and "Rock & Roll" bands of the day. Of the Vietman war, and the protests against the war.
    What effect might such talk have upon the born citizen of the village? They might think that it was one of No.2's little games designed to catch citizens out. They might not believe it at first. Yet on the other hand, if such village born citizens learned more about the outside world from other new arrivals, simply through everyday conversation, then they would grow to learn more and more of the outside world, and then demand to see it for themselves. Such knowledge known to many of the village born, just might provoke a riot in the village. In fact turning against "it" and the hand that feeds.
   But then what if those born of the village were to encounter the outside world... what then? Don't forget that in ‘Fall Out’ the Village was evacuated. So what would become of those village born citizens then. What would they do in the outside world? This after having known only their life in the Village?

  Does this look like the Villages most wanted to you?

    He looks quite calm and collected doesn't he. Handsome, with cold blue eyes that can look right through you. A man of determination, single minded, a man who knows what he wants and gets it.
   Yet in years to come he will resign from a very well paid job. He will create a series, that will both become a cult series, and will make him a prisoner, hounded by fans, and media alike for decades to come. And worse, "they" will want answers, to conduct interviews with him. But he will be as enigmatic as the series he will create, and answer questions with questions of his own!
   He will eventually run away, first to Wales, then onto Switzerland, to finally settle in America. If this man knew what he has to face in the coming years, I wonder if he would still go through with it?......... Yes of course he would, because he'll be a man on a mission, with a social comment to tell us all.

Debriefing The Subject With No.2

    "Why did you slash your wrists 73? Aren't you happy here?" No.72 shakes here head. "You're not being very co-operative my dear." "There's nothing I can tell you."
    "Come now, No.2 continues, you must know where your husband is." "He's still over there" No.73 tells him. "Where?" "Oh somewhere there. He had some work to finish." "Was he devoted to you?" No.2 asks. "He is devoted to me."
    "Oh, so you don't mind about him and the woman Marya?" "That's a lie!" 73 exclaims. "Stop protecting your husbands memory 73. He went to her hotel several times.... then there was the villa, of course." No.73 clenches her teeth, her eyes welling forth tears. No.2 unzipped his leather document case and takes out a black and white photograph, "let me show you just how loyal your husband is to you..... they look quite at home together" showing the picture to 73. "Would you like to know the date, place.... look."
  At this point No.73 leaps out of bed and out of the hospital window!
   Pity. Pity that they might never find 73's husband. I suppose they'll have to bring the woman Marya to theVvillage instead of the husband! Mind you, if they have the time and date when that photograph was taken, and seeing as 73's husband went to the woman Marya's hotel several times. So surely it would make sense that the next time he goes there all they have to do is lie in wait for him. Then an undertaker can nerve gas him through the keyhole of the hotel room door!

Be seeing you

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