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Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Therapy Zone

Its A Question Interpretation
    It was once written by a man who thinks himself to be quite an expert on the subject of the Prisoner, no it wasn't me, "That the words of the Londonderry Air, aka Oh Danny Boy, contain lyrics about an Irish son departing for America, having been unable to secure work to obtain any appreciation in his particular place of residence. The words The Summer's gone and all the Roses dying...tis you, tis you must bide and I must go, come out of the screen to haunt the viewer. McGoohan must know his party was over, the sixties were ending and the money had run out."
   Well I suppose the money had indeed run out for McGoohan as far as the Prisoner was concerned, and after the public's response to Fall Out, McGoohan may very well have felt unappreciated.
     I have in front of me a copy of the lyrics of Oh Danny Boy, and as far as I can see there is no suggestion that Danny Boy was going to America. It could so easily have been Canada, New Zealand or Australia. The song has been interpreted by some listeners as a message from a parent to a son going off to war or leaving as part of the Irish Diaspora.
    And so if the so termed "expert" of such an interpretation of the use of the song Oh Danny Boy was suggesting that Patrick Mc,Goohan, an Irish American, was thinking of returning home to America, as he eventually did of course, But at the time of The Girl Who Was Death, the episode in which the lyrics of Oh Danny Boy featured, there was nothing to suggest that McGoohan's intention was to go to America. Because he had other projects in the pipe-line, four films he was going to produce with ITC.

    Free For All - No.2 is the perfect Statesman, and a master in the art of the manipulation of such a community as The Village. He selects No.6 as the perfect candidate to run against him. Although No.2 loses the election to No.6, its all been a put up job anyway. As the new No.2 has long been in The Village way before the election ever began! So this is not a defeat for No.2, not one in the usual sense, and certainly not to see him leave The Village in defeat, as he was leaving anyway. The newly elected new No.2, the former No.6, when finding himself in the office of the Green Dome, instantly takes control. He gives orders to the citizens that they are "Free to go," that he will imobilise all electronic controls, and tells the citizens to "Obey me and be free!" In fact as soon as the new No.2 takes up his office, he instantly attempts to force his will upon the people! In other words the new  No.2 is nothing more than a dictator.
    As for the even newer new No.2, the former No.58, looks to be a real "nasty piece of work," and who can say if this No.2 is a winner or failure in the general schemes of The Village administration. No.2 may warn No.6 that there are other methods, that they don't wish to damage him permanently, and that's a serious threat No.2 has made. While No.6 stands not a broken man, but certainly battered, bruised, and bleeding it is a defeat which he will have to bear. I know one thing, whatever happens the next day, No.6 had better be watching his back!

    The General  sees No.2 is brought back for a second term of office, although he's still suffering from his stomach ulcer, but this time its nothing to do directly with No.6. Only indirectly does No.2 become involved with No.6, because No.6 sees fit to poke his nose in where its not wanted.
   A computer is destroyed, both the Professor and No.12 of Administration are dead, through electrocution. A complete and utter defeat for No.2!

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