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Monday, 18 March 2013

Caught On Camera

  Take 1.
    "You know what Alf."
    "What Peter?"
    "We've forgoten to take his piped blazer off!"
Take 2.
    "Hows this Peter?"
   "Much better Alf."

    Well that's one thing sorted out, seeing as No.6 doesn't wear his piped blazer in this scene in the actual episode. But if that's one thing, then what follows is something else!

   Nothing wrong here I think, except that you can see No.6 wears a vest. But then you see that in the actual scene. But then how might you account for this?
  Ah, now I understand.....
The image has been mirrored! I have reversed that mirrored effect in the final picture.
   The two above pictures appeared with captions on the German magazine "Burda Fernsehen" from 1996 and 1972.
    Pictures supplied by Nr6de.
Be seeing you


  1. You omitted the new "dialogue" line they added, David. Something like this: "I told you we shouldn't have used too much starch." - BCNU!

    Yes, we're back from the Village!

    1. Hello Arno,

      Welcome back from the Village. Strange only No.2 or agents working for the Village are ever allowed to leave....which are you?

      But that's very good dialogue, very amusing.

      Read your email yesterday. Thank you for the pictures, most aappreciated, and I shall be emailing you later today.

      Kind regards
      Be seeing you