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Monday, 25 March 2013

Caught On Camera

   Supervisor-No.60 "Who can he be signalling to?"
    No.2 "We'll find out... radar anything?" brushing the Supervisor to one side.
    Radar operator: "No Sir... not at sea."
    No.2: "There must be!"
    Radar operator: "No Sir. There's no ship Sir."
    No.2 "There must be an aircraft, helicopter" he yells "Something?"
    Radar operator: "There's nothing Sir."
    No.2 "Under the sea.........." he tries "............ a submarine?"
    Sonar operator: "No Sir, there's nothing coming through."
   No.2: "But he must be signalling to someone!"
     Supervisor-No.60 "Alright everyone, relax, and lets go about our business in an efficient and professional way. We are after all, on camera!"

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