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Sunday, 24 March 2013

I'd Like A Map Of The Area

    In it's time The Village shop has seen many visitors, but none I should thing more curious than........
    This is Gus the orangutan, pictured with Max Hora, on his first visit to the Prisoner shop in Portmeirion in 1997. Gus is purchasing not only a map of the Village, well you need to know where you are, also two badges. Gus had especially travelled to Portmeirion again in 1998 to appear in 'the Prisoner' based fim 'Village Day.'
   It used to be that when I was a member of six of One, members would dress Teddy Bears up in Village attire. But Gus was the first orangutan.
   "What is it that makes me feel like the Butler? I know, I'll have to get Max to adjust the height of the pedals!"

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