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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Many Unhappy Returns No.6!

  Today is No.6's birthday. Many happy returns of the day, and the day when he is unceremoniously returned to the Village!   It must have been like another arrival for the Prisoner to see the Village deserted so. I think he took it all very well, to have gone through all that he had since the day he cast off on his voyage of discovery. Simply to be returned to the Village so easily. And what is the reasoning behind 'Many Happy Returns?' If it's simply to demonstrate to No.6 that escape from the Village might be possible, it also demonstrates how easy it is for anyone to be brought back to the Village! If that theory is correct, then "they" went to an awful lot of trouble and effort! The fact of the matter is, the authorities behind the Village had been in
control all the time, even to the point of having No.2 living in the Prisoner's house waiting his return. And here she is again, in the Village awaiting No.6's happy return. She doesn't wish No.6 happy birthday, but 'many happy returns' not even of the day!And the cake, well at least Mrs Butterworth kept her promise of baking him a birthday cake. But it only has 6 candles, for No.6's number, not his age! No.6 has great strength of self-control. That smirk on No.2's face just begs to be wiped off! Not that I condone violence towards women, lets just say that No. 6 has been betrayed by yet another female!
   Originally No.2 was to have presented No.6 with a copy of The Tally Ho reporting his death in an accident at sea. But it was dropped from the finished episode, as was the Brass band outside playing "Happy Birthday!"

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