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Friday, 29 March 2013

No.1’s The Boss.............

............. This No.6 tells No.2 during his ordeal during the episode of ‘Once Upon A Time,’ yet he knew it as early as ‘Free For All.’
No.6 "What physically happens if I win?"
No.2 "Then you're the boss!."
No.6 "No.1's the boss."
No.2 "Join me. If you win," he suggests "No.1 will no longer be a mystery to you if you see what I mean."
   Well we don't quite see what No.2 means, unless of course the meaning is that No.6 would come face to face with No.1 if he wins the election. So then why didn't No.6 then take the opportunity to pick up the phone and speak to No.1 after his winning the election, his rise to being the new No.2, from the relative comfort of his office in the Green Dome I wonder? After all he telephoned the manager of the Labour Exchnage, but then perhaps it wasn't known at that time just who No.1 was going to turn out to be..... No.6 himself. And even if it was known........ well that would have been giving too much away to early don't you think?
   But then, we all want to be No.1 don't we, top-dog. And we're told often enough that if you don't look after No.1, meaning yourself, then no one else will. Obvious really, although it wasn't 46 years back!


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