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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Quote For The Day

   Maid-No.56 "A woman is always impatient to wear a new dress. How do I look?"
   No.6 "Different. The maids come and they go!"
   "We'll get along."
   "I'm sure you get along with everybody!"
   "I've a good mind to report you."
   "I'm new here!"
                                      {Dance Of The Dead}
    Seeing as how 'Dance of the Dead' is the eighth episode on 'the Prisoner' series, it's difficult to see how No.6 could be new in the Village, after what, a passage of months? And yet, if 'Dance of the Dead' was meant to be the second episode in the series, No.6 saying "I'm new here" would make perfect sense. Certainly judging by the Prisoner's attitude 'Dance of the Dead' should be a much earlier episode in the series. But we have to work with what we have, not what might have been. And yet, we still might make sense of what No.6 said, and the reasoning stems form the fact of the previous episode 'Many Happy Returns. The fact that the Prisoner has been away from the Village for almost a month, and has recently returned, might make No.6 a recent new arrival in the Village!

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