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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

What’s That Number 6 Up To?

   The following image has been taken from routine surveillance footage of No.6 peering out through the rhododendron bushes. I can't for one moment think No.6 has turned into some kind of voyeur, libertine, or heaven forbid, a peeping tom!

   But whatever he's doing, he's done it before on the morning of his arrival here in the Village, here for example.

   And it seems to be quite a habit the Prisoner is developing, because it's not once or twice.

   So what's No.6 up to? Well okay, in the first photograph No.6 is following the Rook-No.56, and pops up in the Rhododendrons during Checkmate. In the following three images from Arrival, the Prisoner is skulking in the bushes to avoid that white membranic  Village Guardian, and from being seen as a Village taxi passes by.
   Although "lurking" in and "emerging" from bushes and undergrowth is a habit Pat McGoohan developed during the episodes of his former series 'Danger Man.' At this time photographic evidence of this is unavailable, there are several episodes in which John Drake can be seen lurking in bushes and undergrowth. And then he went on to adopt that technique in scenes for 'the Prisoner.'

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