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Saturday, 29 October 2016

A Change of Mind

    Number 2 thought it was a question of time, time to think. That Number 6 in his former life had chucked up his job, a job he could no longer stand, and then would have gone off to Paris, and from there to somewhere different, somewhere quiet where he could think. The Prisoner insisted that it wasn’t time, but he would certainly have to think carefully about his future, there’s not much call for ex-secret agents, unless by the other side that is. And what kind of work could the former ZM73 do? Security consultant perhaps, he could start up his own security business. Or perhaps turn to industrial espionage! One thing’s for sure, his ex-employers would keep him on a very short leash, while under the closest possible surveillance. They would have hated losing a man of his calibre!

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