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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Number 2 – Late of The Village!

   A term in office lasts......for as long as it lasts for the simple reason there is no accounting for it! What happens to a Number 2 late of The Village? Well they don’t all simply go back to the House of Lords as though nothing had happened. I expect most return to the department within the Foreign Office from whence they came, or were simply absorbed back into administration! For two or three lucky ones they are afforded two terms in office as Number 2. One had an easier time than most. All he had to do was oversee Number 6’s successful escape from The Village. Yes he had a harder time when he was brought back to The Village, he certainly wasn’t any too pleased about it. Perhaps he was brought back unbeknown to him, to find himself awakening once again in The Village. But he only had himself to blame. After all it was he who suggested Degree Absolute! He knew it had to be one or the other of them, Number 2 or Number 6, and he knew the risk. Not the risk Number 1 was taking with two good men, but the one Number 2 was taking!
   Another Number 2 was given a second term in office, despite the question of his health “Is No.2 Fit For Further Term?” The one concerned Number 6, the other to oversee an educational experiment, both of which resulted in abstract failure. And as the library order of ‘the Prisoner’ has it, ‘The General’ appears before ‘A B and C,’ so that headline would then suggest that Number 2 was being considered for a third term in office!
    A third Number 2 to be brought back a second time, first had the unlikelihood of seeing Number 6 give away information to three children {let alone tell them why he resigned} as he told them a blessed fairytale! Whoever thought that one up was certainly scraping the bottom of the barrel. The only result of this was to get an insight into Number 6’s former occupation, as a field agent working for M9 of British Military Intelligence. Anyway was this Number 2 eventually brought back to run administration, or as a High Court Judge to resolve a question of revolt, as well as preside over the trial of three rebels? If simply the latter, who was overseeing The Village? Perhaps Number 2 was brought back to oversee The Village, but then this question of a democratic crisis reared its head while the other Number 2 was deliberating with Number 6 while locked in the Embryo room, and so was completely incommunicado. So obviously this recently returned Number 2 had to take up the role of High Court Judge in order to hold a cavern!
    After the evacuation of The Village during ‘Fall Out’ we know what happened to Number 6, he returned home to London, then immediately set off to make two calls. One in town to an office he knew very well, the other in the country, probably to see the Colonel at his country residence. As for Number 48, he was left somewhere along the A20 between
Dover and London trying to thumb a lift on either side of the dual carriage way. Number 2 also returned to home in London, eventually to return to the House of Lords. The Butler went and made himself at home in Number 1 Buckingham Place, and the High Court Judge.......... well who can say. In fact what happened to all the other citizens evacuated from the Village, where did all those people go? Did they all return to their former lives? What about those held prisoner in The Village, did they all simply keep quiet or were they all put into some other institution and kept quiet? And the Village, what of The Village, was that left abandoned and uncared for? And then there is the question of the white membranic Guardian, what of it, was it deactivated? And even if it was, it would still be there in the containment area, somewhere at the bottom of the sea. But if one day it was to seep out, escape its confines................. 

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