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Monday 17 October 2016

You Need A Body!

    With the new Number 8 having recently arrived in The Village, Number 6 asked what happened to the old Number 8. Apparently he vacated the premises, Number 2 suggested that Number 6 had noticed, surely. Had he escaped? There was no funeral, but then that’s not always possible, you need a body! But Number 6 during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ was wrong in that thinking. Because that wasn’t the case where Cobb was concerned, a funeral did take place, but there was no body in the coffin. So surely a funeral could have taken place for the late Number 8, even without the body. As for the previous Number 8, when Number 6 suggested he had escaped Number 2 laughed, meaning there is no escape. So perhaps he attempted an escape but was subdued, smothered, and suffocated to death by the Guardian. And seeing as there is no body it suggests that Number 8 was attempting to escape by sea {is there any other way} there was an Orange Alert, the Guardian intervened, and his body washed out to sea! Perhaps because of that, the fact that Number 8’s body was not retrieved, that by the time the new Number 8 attempted to escape by simply trying to swim away to freedom, the idea to deploy two further Guardians to act as flotation buoys was employed. So by that means at least a body could be retrieved!

   A historical footnote: Friday 14th of October was the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. Legend has it that Harold’s common law wife Edith Swan-neck, was afterwards brought to the field in order to identify her husband, which she did from marks that “only a lover might know.” And that she took his boy to Waltham Abbey, which Harold had founded for burial of his body. Other versions have William the Conqueror refusing him a Christian burial because Harold was “an oath breaker,” burying him instead on the beach at Pevensey!

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