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Friday 7 October 2016

A B And C

    I wouldn’t buy a second-hand car from ‘A’! Somehow he has the look of a 1960’s second-hand car salesman, certainly he’s not a man to be trusted. See the way he attempts to abduct ZM73, a one-time friend and colleague. But he and ZM73 are no longer friends, although they still do the same job, but on different sides. So which sides are those? British Military Intelligence would be the one side, and the other? When ‘A’ abducted ZM73 and had him driven away, they couldn’t have driven very far, because eventually they arrived at a grand Chateau. ‘A’ told ZM73 “Well you’re in my country now,” to which ZM73 claimed diplomatic immunity. So which side is ‘A’ on, the French Military Intelligence? He can’t claim Russia, or Czechoslovakia as his country, they hadn’t driven far enough, so they still have to be in France, at a chateau a few miles outside Paris. Which could, I suppose, belong to a foreign country, linked to a foreign Embassy, and therefore theoretically, but not actually, be foreign soil, hence ‘A’s’ remark about being in his country now.
    So having abducted ZM73 to his lair, what then? The extraction of information by fair means or foul, that information to be sold to the highest bidder?  Or perhaps extortion is the game, to actually put ZM73 up for sale to the highest bidder! But in any case this is Number 6’s dream, and what might have happened after that we witness for ourselves. ZM73 vanquished both ‘A’ and his henchmen, he straightened his black bow tie, sniffed and said “Be seeing you,” then had either a long hike, or managed to thumb a lift back to Paris!

As the man said, be seeing you

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