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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Hammer Into Anvil

    Number 6 accused Number 2 of being a sadist, no, more than that, a professional sadist. But what real harm had this particular Number 2 done to anyone? Nothing physically that the television viewer can see. He might have threatened Number 73, but as far as we see he never laid a hand upon her. Any harm that may have befallen Number 73 is as far as I can see, self inflicted, seeing as she once before attempted suicide by slashing her wrists. Yes Number 2 threatened Number 6 at the point of a did he manage to smuggle that shooting-sword-stick into The Village? Was it the same way as Number 34 managed to smuggle his transistor radio into The Village? Obviously security was lax that day Number 2 arrived, they didn’t check the shooting stick. I should have thought they would have taken that way from him, and issued Number 2 with the regular umbrella shooting stick. Mind you this Number 2 doesn’t wear the “old school scarf” either, not one to go in for Village fripperies is this Number 2!

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