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Friday 21 October 2016

Dance of The Dead

    This is possibly the darkest of all the 17 episodes for the simple reason that as chess flows throughout ‘Checkmate,’ and tea appears to be a chief ingredient to ‘A Change of Mind,’ death stalks ‘Dance of The Dead.’ But death need not be something to fear, it’s as natural a thing as birth and life itself. Death can also mean change, and change can be a good thing, meaning the end of one thing and the beginning of something else, in other words a change in circumstances, which can be for the better or for the worse! Certainly there’s a new Number 2 but that’s perhaps not a change for the better, and there’s been a change in Number 6’s housemaid, a flighty young woman who is impatient to wear her new dress. And for Number 6, a slight change in fortunes as he hears words from beyond The Village. What’s more there’s a chance of getting a message to the outside World!
    But fortune is like the wind......changeable! The Prisoner is put on trial, sentenced to death, and if the mob catch up with him, they’ll tear him limb from limb. And you thought Dutton had it bad, he's only living a living death!

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